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Dominican Brides

What to Expect From Dominican Republic?


The Dominican Republic is, on the one hand, can be considered as paradise, and on the other, as poverty. Both very rich and very poor people live there. The color of the skin is also different: about 73% of the mulattoes, 16% of whites (similar to Spaniards) and 11% of blacks.You also have to consider that some of the locals are racists, and the darker your skin is, the worse they will treat you. The main population is the mulatto, the descendants of Spanish immigrants, mingling with the slaves brought from Africa. The mulatto love to say that they are of Spanish origin and do not take their African roots.

Dominicans are not like any other nation, they can be easily distinguished from other peoples, and the mulattoes - especially. They have rounded faces and little ears sticking out. Citizens from Dominican Republic mainly talk in Spanish, but it’s local Spanish. This is not the classic Spanish spoken in Spain, but a dialect with a lot of local jargon. They have a lot of words and phrases that only locals can understand. Almost everyone here knows English, especially the middle and upper classes.

In the Dominican Republic there is a very strong financial inequality, society is rigidly divided into classes: the rich, the middle level and the very poor. Understanding these differences is very important, as it directly affects relationships and what you should expect from these women.

How Does Their Social Status Affect Your Relationships?


Rich Class

The richest transfer business to their children from generation to generation. Mail order bride of this class is mostly white. In these families, children honor the opinions of their parents and it’s not as easy to meet these types of women in everyday’s life. They often graduate from universities, some even in the United States. They respect family traditions and really care about their families.

Representatives of this class usually communicate only with their own kind - also from high society. It is very difficult to get into their circle, for this you need to be either the owner of a large business, or have mutual friends.

Middle Class

You can safely build relationships with the Dominican brides of middle class. Their parents usually occupy good positions in large companies, or they have their own small business. They don’t mind meeting local guys and foreigners. No matter how terrible and politically incorrect it may sound, they actually prefer foreigners with white skin.

They know how to care of their husband and are great at housekeeping. If such a girl invites you to her house to have dinner with her parents, it often ends with excellent local drinks and dances. That’s where you also know that she’s serious about having long-term relationships with you, because family means a lot to her.

You can meet such Dominican brides at parties, in cafes, and you can also ask them for a dance. In the dance they are easy to meet, because they feel confident and liberated. Their favorite drink is rum, it relaxes. In the Dominican Republic nobody gets drunk, everyone loves only social drinking - just go play around with rum with friends.

Middle-class men are mostly mulatto, or “clarified mulatto” (skin-color closer to white, but mixed with Negro blood). They love foreigners and do everything possible to attract them.

Poor Class

Poor Dominicans can be divided into two categories. The first - those who were born in the slums, but are willing to fight to live a better life. They are very hardworking and do everything to change their lives. You shouldn’t expect a higher education and fluent English from such women, but they do everything from their very heart and with care. It’s not as easy to build a serious relationship with them, if you are looking to stay there. You hardly want to live in the places they do, because it’s not just dirty and ugly there,  but also quite dangerous. Usually, these types of girls are forced to meet with local guys, and are often abandoned by their lovers as soon as they get pregnant.

There is also a second category of poor Dominican brides. They always have one goal: to take something away from you. They want you to take them to your country, or to walk at your expense and also to leave money to them. Not just that, but they also come up with different stories, hang noodles on their ears, as if they need money to treat their mother, etc. It doesn’t matter for them how old you are and how you look, they only want money from you. These types of girls usually do not work at all and live in tourist places, where they constantly look out for a new victim. They boldly come up and have pleasant conversations. At times, you won’t even realize that they don’t have the best intentions, so you have to be careful.


What are Dominican Brides Like in General?

Dominican women are very beautiful, especially those in whom Spanish blood has taken its toll. Dominican brides are similar to Latinas in some way, because they are very passionate, amorous, flirtatious. You should also be very careful with them, because some of them aren’t as loyal as girls of other nations. If they get tired of the husband and feel like he’s pushing on them, they will divorce and look for a better man. Their dances speak very tellingly about their temperament. Especially it can be seen in dances like merengue and bachata, in which they seem to compete, who will lead the hip more erotically, and who will bend more invitingly.

Finding a black Dominican girl for a white foreigner is a very simple task. Dominican girls look invitingly on almost all whites. The lady walking next to him is not a hindrance in any way. Even the girls passing by on the motorcycles manage to build eyes for foreign drivers.

Dominican women have large families - contraception is not very popular here. They give early birth to children, but also grow old pretty early. However, they always take care of themselves, go to salons, do manicures and hairstyles, trying hard to straighten out unruly and tough hair from Africa. You can see Dominican brides in hair curlers everywhere on the street.

Just like any women, they love to dress up, although, as a rule, they don’t like to have too many clothes on them, trying to look sexy and attract foreigners. However, offices and institutions where they work at force them to wear more closed clothes: suits, blouses, pants, jeans. Despite the heat, Dominicans often wear very tight jeans, explaining that they emphasize their figure and legs. Frankly, sometimes they dress very strangely: a combination of a suit-jacket, a skirt made of good dense fabric and half-sports slaps is a totally normal look for them.

Dominican wives will spend the last money on new vans, rings, manicure, blouse. And tomorrow ... God will give the day, God will give food. I think that the attitude towards life as a holiday is a typical feature of the character of the inhabitants of all countries of the eternal summer. Just like laziness, because most of them aren’t hard workers. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t look after they house, because they are good at cleaning it and cooking food. Like it was already mentioned, they really like music, so if you turn something on, be ready to dance with them.


Interesting Facts About Dominican Mail Order Brides


  • In this country, lush figure is more than welcome, so on the street you can meet very "voluminous" ladies in very, very short clothes and bright screaming colors. Big butt and huge breasts are something that is welcome here. Even some of the store dummies here have huge breasts;

  • Most of the population of Dominican Republic are mulatto, so thick curly hair is not uncommon here. Of course, most local barber shops offer a hair straightening and lamination service. But elderly and family Dominicans can safely go to the store or to the market, dressed in curlers, designed to give curls a certain direction;

  • Local women are very open and easily meet foreigners, but do not need to perceive this behavior as “accessibility”. It is believed that it is quite simple to fall in love with a Dominican, but it is almost impossible to “get rid” of such love later;

  • Girls from Dominican Republic can marry from the age of 15. This is made possible by the permission of the parents. That is why the local girls celebrate their 15 years more pompously than the majority, which comes in 18 years. There is even a separate name for this holiday - Quinces.

  • Children in this country are brought up fully and entirely by women, men are allowed only for safe games with babies and “serious” conversations with younger guys. Babies in the Dominicans are very fond, perhaps this is due to the ban on abortion and frequent "early" marriages;

  • It is considered absolutely normal to appeal to an unfamiliar woman as “amor” or “mi vida”. From Spanish, these expressions are translated as "love" and "love of my life." The reverent attitude to the female sex and the complete absence of “subtext” under such an appeal make the life in the Dominican Republic truly comfortable.;

  • In the Dominican Republic there are brothels, where you can easily find a girlfriend for one night. It is interesting, but in every such institution there is a sign stating that the girls of this brothel do not lend their services;

  • Almost all local girls are attractive enough. In 2003, the young Dominican Amelia Vega Polanco received the honorary title of Miss Universe.

  • A traveler who wants to make acquaintance with a local beauty should have three obligatory properties: he should speak Spanish. English is also in use, but in order to meet with the majority of the local population you will still need Spanish or French. Also, the traveler must be charismatic - it will be hard for a shy, non-smiling person to establish personal contact with the Dominican bride. The absence of a smile in this country is considered a “bad” tone and something suspicious. Despite the fact that Dominican republic women are not obsessed with money - the guy will have to pay for his woman at all times.

Best Ways to Start Dating a Dominican Bride

Ways to get acquainted with girls can be completely different, and whichever of them you choose, if you come in good spirits and smile confidently - you will most likely have great chances.

The whole difficulty lies in whether the girl wants to continue to communicate with you, or she wants to end your conversation as soon as possible.  To be honest, the representatives of the fair sex are bored by arrogant, ill-mannered guys who approach them with a brazen look and hackneyed phrases. Every girl wants to meet a nice, adequate young man who knows how to interest and support the conversation.

Let's look at all the easiest ways to get acquainted with girls in order. It all starts with a look. Before you come, look at the girl with interest. The look should express your sympathy, and a gentle smile to talk about your best intentions. Girls also like when guys feel a little embarrassed. Look at her fixedly and when you see the return glance, embarrassed smile and turn away after a couple of seconds. If a girl is interested, then you will definitely catch her eyes on yourself. After that, you can safely approach and get acquainted.


Meeting Dominican Bride On a Disco


A wonderful reason to meet a girl is to invite her to dance. During the dance, do not be silent, but lead a sweet, unpretentious conversation, for instance: “Do you often come here? ... My friends and I are celebrating a successful campaign in the mountains, and what are your hobbies? ... I also love going to the cinema (riding a bike, going to the rink), by the way, there will be an interesting program the other day, I will be there, you should also come ... ”.

It is interesting for girls to learn something new, to forget about household troubles and to have fun, because that’s exactly why she came to the club. No need to ask about work and where she lives. If after the dance you are not disappointed in the lady, ask the waiter to take a bottle of champagne (wine) to her table and say: “This is the person (name) who wishes you a pleasant evening. The main thing is to find a middle ground between coldness and obsession. “Yes, I am interested, but if you are against it, I will not insist.” But give me a sign and I will do anything it takes. ” Eloquent look and smile will do the trick.


How to Meet a Dominican Girl in a Store


When shopping, you can also meet a pretty girl. If a lady is intently choosing something, come up and ask: “Girl, I apologize for distracting you, I’m choosing a toy for my little sister (nephew), could you help me? Girls really like men that care about children.


Get Acquainted With a Dominican Woman in Transport


Here you can ask how to get to the cinema (theater, club). Adding that you are going there for tickets, as soon there will be an interesting performance (group performance), and you are very keen on the work of this actor (singer). After that, you can ask what interested her and, supporting her passion to offer to go somewhere together. An unobtrusive conversation about leisure always pleases, as well as a guy who has some sort of hobby.

Talk to the girl simply without using abusive words and some abstruse terms. If you have already started a conversation, do not stop talking, and if you leave, then say goodbye beautifully “Thank you for your help. It was nice to meet you. I hope to see you soon. Have a nice day".

Best Sites to Look for a Dominican Bride

Not everyone has enough time to search for a girl in real life, so searching for one on a dating website is a great idea. There are a lot of Dominican brides that are looking for foreigners online. Here are some of the best websites to look at:


A good dating site for serious relationships is aimed at finding a partner for marriage. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, customers undergo detailed testing of personal inclinations, preferences, interests. In the rating, based on statistics of marriages, the site is present as the most serious in the selection of the perfect half. You can answer questions in about 15-20 minutes .In some cases, you must enter textual information about your hobbies, character traits, and preferences.

The basis of the psychological portrait is a five-factor personality model that enjoys authority in scientific circles. Selection filters include age, height, distance to the place of residence, similarities with other people. You can also view new visitors, people with added photos. The uploaded photos and the profile itself are moderated by site administrators. Manual moderation eliminates false profiles, so you have nothing to worry about.

In addition, payment presence is a powerful stopping factor for fraudsters. You can choose from three service packages for 3, 6, 12 months. Without payment, you can not send messages, contact with others.

After registration and payment, a new user receives 3-7 decent contacts every day for acquaintance, generated in accordance with mutual requests, mathematically calculated compatibility. You can them messages and emojis and wait for an answer. Users indicate that the search process can not be called fast, but you can count on an excellent result.

Pros: one of the best services for choosing a compatible partner, rigid filters, payment confirming the seriousness of intentions, responsible administration of the project and technical support, complete confidentiality of data, a safe acquaintance with real Dominican brides, not a lot of advertising.

Cons: auto-renewal of the user agreement, does not provide entertainment features, the number of available contacts is limited to compatible candidates proposed by the system.


This dating site is positioned as a way to meet foreigners, including Dominican females. There is a quick search for a candidate partner from a certain country. In addition, the resource is registered in different language versions, the language can be selected by the flag in the upper corner of the site.

Registration and creation of the questionnaire is required, although it is possible to view photos without creating a profile.

In the first days after filling out the account you will receive a great amount of messages. It’s not a fact that among them there are letters from the right candidates, but such a flow will definitely raise self-esteem. Every 10 days you are able to raise the questionnaire to the top of the list, which increases the number of views and hits.

Pros: free services, high activity of users, the option of raising the questionnaire, a lot of attractive Dominican ladies, search on the multifunctional filter.

Cons: protection of personal data is just average, the need to carefully check those who wrote in the process of dialogue, the mass of people with frivolous intentions.

There are also sites like Dominican Cupid and Latin American Cupid, who also have a great choice of Dominican brides.